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Ordered List


Jan 3 2011

2011 Redesign

A new year, a new design. Interestingly enough, this redesign wasn’t because I got tired of the last one. It was because, with the addition of Hoyt and Brandon, I wanted to refocus the priorities of the site.

Ordered List v10

Focus on Products

Since the last redesign, we’ve launched Harmony and started Speaker Deck. We wanted to give those the attention they deserve. We’re proud of our work on these applications, and wanted to show them off more than just a small link or a blog post or two.

Emphasize Development

With our recent hires, I’m finally ready to admit that Ordered List, which started as a design and front-end studio in 2007, is now a full-service development and production shop. So I felt it was necessary to put more focus on our team’s extraordinary development skills.

A Fresh Start

Lastly, I felt with all the change that was happening in the company, that I wanted to rethink and refine our message. I’m really happy with the results, and I hope you enjoy the redesign.