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Steve Smith

The best way to contact me is on Twitter. Follow me if you like design and puns.

Ordered List is the web home of Steve Smith, web and application designer/developer. He lives in Indiana, works at GitHub, and speaks about design, applications, and science.

Apr 5 2012

Open Source Themes for GitHub

I had the opportunity to add a couple themes to the recent launch of GitHub Pages. Today I’ve open sourced the HTML/CSS on GitHub for anyone to use and improve.

Feb 28 2012

Back to the Basics

Since the acquisition, it’s time to transition this site back to my own personal blog. I’m so excited to have a place to experiment, write, and design as myself, and not as a business.

Dec 5 2011

Ordered List Acquired by GitHub

I’m excited to announce that as of today, the team at Ordered List officially joins GitHub in its quest to build the best developer tools in the world. We’re bringing along our talent, our passion, and our products (Speaker Deck,, and Harmony). And we couldn’t be more excited about our future together.

Sep 26 2011

Share Presentations without the Mess

Around a year ago, tired of posting our presentations to the ad-cluttered and flash-ridden SlideShare, we started hacking on Speaker Deck.

May 4 2011

Flared Borders with CSS

Ever wondered how to create an element that flares into another using only CSS? Here’s a quick tutorial using existing CSS attributes, in combination with CSS generated content, to produce the effect using no images at all, and no additional markup. And it falls back gracefully for older browsers.