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Feb 28 2012

Back to the Basics

Since the acquisition, it’s time to transition this site back to my own personal blog. I’m so excited to have a place to experiment, write, and design as myself, and not as a business.

A New Design

When rethinking and redesigning, it’s best to start simple. I’ve taken a very minimal approach for this refresh. It’s clean, spaced, and responsive. Simple.

Time to Start Writing

I’m looking forward to, once again, posting more informative snippets of design and code. Posts that are more free-form, and outside of a business strategy. I’m hoping this transition will get me back into the habit of writing on a more regular basis. I miss it.

A Renewed Focus

If the idea is indeed to write, the focus of this design should be on the words. To that end, the design is purposefully empty. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m excited to have this space to experiment once more.