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Mar 21 2005

A Change of Platform

About 2 weeks ago, the power connection on my Toshiba laptop started to flicker in and out. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by fiddling with the power chord, but it started to get irritating. And then the battery stopped charging… sometimes. I would have to restart the machine to make the battery take a charge again. Very strange.

It was then that I finally decided to make the inevitable jump. Yes, I bought a Apple Powerbook. Allow me to introduce you to ‘Einstein.’ I’ve always been a fan of Apple, I had just never got around to buying a Mac for myself. But I love it. I’m hooked. Sure, there are a few things I miss right off the bat (the real ‘delete’ key, for instance), but I’m making due.

So here I embark on a new platform of computing. To those who already enjoy the benefits of the Mac, what are some of your favorite add-ons? Favorite freeware? What are some of your most valuable tips or tricks? I’d love to hear.