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Apr 6 2005

CMS Release

A while back I was asked to release the CMS that I had created so that people could see how it worked, and use some of the code. Well, I’ve collected everything together, stripped out any strictly personal pieces, and have packaged the result.

I must qualify this release with a few statements:

So, that being said, the files are available here for download in ZIP format. I hope someone is able to learn something from this CMS. It was fun, and a challenge to build. The whole process was very much a learning experience as well. There are parts of it that I would love to code over again because I feel I could do a much cleaner job now. And there are some parts of which I’m particularly proud. All in all, it was a great app, but one that took too much of my time away from writing and maintaining the content of this site. It had a good life, and I hope somebody can take it on the next part of its journey.