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Aug 23 2004

Design Revisions

So a new design already. While I was testing this new design (not so much a new design as a rearrangement) I was asked “Why are you redesigning already?” Well, the answer is multipart, which I will explain, but if you liked or preferred Version 2.0, it is still available via the Style Switcher on the Home page.

Practice, Practice, Practice

I love to tinker. And seeing that I’m continuing to develop my design skills (I still consider myself a programmer and not a designer), I need someplace to practice, and here seems like a pretty good place. I always appreciate feedback, positive or negative.

Lighten the Load

While I was very happy overall with Version 2.0, many of the images needed to pull it off were very large. At the time I wanted to see if I could pull off the look, and so page size wasn’t as important to me. But as the design has settled with me, I felt that I needed to give viewers a ‘lighter’ alternative. I hope that this new design will provide faster browsing speeds and lower my overall bandwidth usage.

Pick Your Poison

As I mentioned earlier, Version 2.0 is still available to use, and will continue to be ‘supported.’ I think it’s good to note that this new design and the old run off the very same XHTML. As will all future versions, I hope. As you use the style switcher, your preference will be saved if you have cookies enabled, even if/when a new design comes out.

So choose your favorite, and let me know what you think.