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May 20 2004

Figure This Out, Steve

I’ll admit it: I am not an idea man. I am a problem solver. Sure I have the occasional stroke of “genius”, but on the whole, I’m the guy who gets things done.

I consider myself to be pretty good at solving problems, but when it comes to thinking up new problems to solve, I leave that to the ‘idea people.’ So, in an effort to make this site a helpful reference for others, and to stretch myself and community, I thought I’d start this new segment entitled “Figure This Out, Steve!”

Here’s what I want you to do. Give me a problem to solve…any problem dealing with Web Design / Development that is. If you’ve been working on something and just can’t seem to get it right, or if you’re thinking of a problem and just don’t want to put the energy into figuring it out, let me know. If I can’t get it, I’ll post it here for community help.

So when you decide on a problem to solve, contact me and let me know what it is. I’ll pick the best or most challenging problem, and post either a solution, or a cry for help… one of the two. So let’s have it.