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Mar 1 2011

Today we launched our latest product, is a hosted application that tracks your web traffic in real-time and displays it in a simple, gorgeous interface. focuses on the information that matters most: who is visiting your site, where are they coming from, and what are they looking at. These are the aspects that we think are most important, and they get lost in other analytics tools.

All of the data that collects is available in real time. When you view your reports, the data is accurate to the second.

With Gau.ges, you don’t have to deal with installing it, updating software because of security patches, or worrying about shared hosting slowing down your site. Everything is hosted for you, and all of your sites can be tracked in one place.


First commit to launch in 38 days

Our entire team has been excited about this project. The first code for the project was written on January 22. In 38 days of evenings and weekends, on top of our existing client work load, we designed, built, and launched

We intentionally gave ourselves constraints on both the code and design. These constraints kept us focused on shipping a product with value, instead of dreaming up features.

While we have a lot more to say about the building of, we will keep this post short and sweet. Head on over to and give it a try!