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Apr 18 2010

Great Lakes Ruby Bash

Last weekend in Lansing, MI, Steve and I both spoke at the Great Lakes Ruby Bash. Steve spoke on designing code and I on my lack of talent. We had a great time and love attending regional conferences like the Bash.

My favorite thing about our talks was not so much the content or delivery, but how both of us were a bit out of our comfort zones. Steve’s talk was all about code and mine had none, which is the opposite of our daily activities. Steve kicked off the conference with a bang and I did my best to wake everyone up after lunch.

Designing Code (Steve)

I Have No Talent (John)

If you attended the event, both of us would appreciate a rating and any feedback on Speaker Rate (Steve, John).

Upcoming Talks

GLRB was just the beginning. Both Steve and I are talking at jQuerySF (Apr. 24-24) and MongoSF (Apr. 30). Steve will be talking about Designing Interactions with jQuery and MongoDB in the Real World – HarmonyApp. I will be talking about Building Evented Single Page Applications (again) and MongoMapper. If you are headed to either of these conferences, be sure to check out our talks and do not forget to say hi!