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Jan 26 2005

I Can't Stand It!

I am not an irritable person. Really. Not many things will get under my skin. But I absolutely cannot stand it when gas stations put the 8 upside-down on their signs. I just can’t stop staring at it. 99.9 percent of the general public will never notice it, but I can’t help but shake my fist in frustration. “Can’t you people get it right!”

I mean, it’s pretty obvious once you look at it. There is a distinct typographical difference between the bottom circle of the 8 and the top. You would fix it if you put the 9 upside-down, right? (That is to say, unless they use an upside-down 9 intentionally as a 6, or an upside-down 7 as an L, but that’s another story.) So this is my plea to all Fuel Distribution Sales Clerks: pay attention to the 8s, and let me drive in peace.