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Mar 25 2006

IE7 and Clearing Floats

Since the latest beta release of IE7, some people have been realizing that the Position is Everything method of clearing floats without extra markup won’t work anymore because of IE7’s refusal to recognize the :after pseudoclass.

There has been a quick fix posted involving display:inline-block, and a few other options have come up, but all these involve changes to current markup. Why? Because they involve browser-specific hacks.

I just wanted to make it clear that the FnE method of clearing floats without extra markup will work perfectly with IE7. It does not involve any browser hacks at all. It’s simply a way to rethink laying out your site. So check it out. Hopefully if you start using this method when this situation arises, you won’t have to change all your CSS markup again when IE8 is released.