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Mar 11 2005

IE7 List, As Requested

This morning I read this article about IE7 and Standards. When I got to the end of the article, I was very excited. It seems as if the IE7 team is really getting a handle on what they need to work on. They’re even asking for advice. That takes a lot of guts. But as encouraging as the article was by itself, the comments that have been posted are doubly depressing. The very first comment is not only argumentative; it doesn’t even suggest anything at all. It’s just a complaint. And it’s petty one at that. How disappointing.

Chris has taken this opportunity to open the field, to take suggestions. Kindergarten-style insults aren’t going to help in the slightest. Even though IE has been a headache for many of us in the standards community (and the web development community at large), you have to be honored and impressed by a team in charge of a product with so much market share asking for our advice.

So to swallow my own pill, here’s my non-exhaustive list of suggestions for Chris and the IE7 team. I feel that this list is the bare-minimum of updates that I feel it would take to jump a version number.

A small list, I know, but one that would save me hours. While this list is really just a catch-up list for more modern browsers, I would love to see IE7 kick it up a notch and surpass the current technology of Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Omniweb, etc. Browser vendors must maintain a level of competition for the benefit of every web user and developer.