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Feb 6 2006

Leaving Solo

Unlike many of my peers, I’ve made the decision to leave the world of freelancing to focus my attention on my day job at the Notre Dame Web Group. Now to be honest, I never relied on freelancing for my full-time income, but I did do quite a bit of supplemental outside work.

I enjoyed freelancing in general, but the opportunities offered at Notre Dame as well as family responsibilities now and in the future deserve more attention than I had been able to provide.

A few months ago I just had too many irons in the fire, and I hate that feeling. It was time to refocus some priorities, and doing other peoples work by myself just didn’t make the cut. To be clear, this will not stop me from working on an upcoming product release which I will be announcing in the next month or so.

As a related side note, much like Mr. Inman I’m also in the process of moving to Rails as my primary development platform, so that is also taking some time. I should have plenty of tutorials and tips to present as that migration takes place. I’ve been very impressed by the thought that has gone into this incredible framework and the ruby language in itself.

My decision to step away from freelancing was made at the beginning of the year, and I’m already feeling the relief. I really enjoy not having to work on client sites in the evenings and feeling refreshed and ready to start at ND the next day. I feel more creative, inspired, and focused. Freelancing has its benefits, but at this point in my life, it’s just not the right thing for me.