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Ordered List


Jun 23 2008

Live Search with Quicksilver Style

Live search? C’mon guys, this has been done plenty of times before, you say. Yes, it has but I promise you we’ve added a bit of a twist to it.

When working on the latest incarnation of, Steve mentioned that the typical year and month layout of archives was overkill. He thought a better way to present them would be to list them all and let live search sort ’em out. That simple thought fired a neuron in my brain. I am a fan of QuickSilver and I remembered seeing a port of the QuickSilver string ranking algorithm in JavaScript. A side note: anytime I say “algorithm” in a sentence I feel really smart. The fact that in the previous sentence “algorithm” was preceded by “string ranking” made me feel doubly smart. Ahem…back to the point at hand.


Typically, when I am reading a tutorial of any sort, I want to see the end product because if that is not impressive, I do not want to waste my time reading it. Feel free to open up a new tab with the archives page or the simplified demo I created just for this post and try a few searches.

Type This, Get That

Sure you can search ‘sidebar creative’ to find posts titled that, but I am lazy. I’d rather type ‘sdbcv’ because it is shorter. Plus, vowels are so 2007. You know who else is cool? Yeah, that guy Nunemaker, but holy crap is that name a keyboardful. Why don’t we just hit a few of the important characters like ‘nnmkr’. Bing, bang, boom. Welcome John Nunemaker is right there at the top. Cool, eh?

The How

First things first, we need a JS library to take away the hurt of cross-browserness. For this exercise, we used Prototype.

Second, we drop in the JS QS string ranking algorithm (I still feel smart).

Third, I made the simple prototype class featured below. It is commented pretty well with what is going on. Also, note that this is not the live version on Ordered List but a slightly simplified one that I made for the demo. Go ahead and give it a read through.

var QuicksilverLiveSearch = Class.create({
         * Sets up the caches and adds observers
        initialize: function(field, list) {
                this.field = $(field);
                this.list  = $(list);
                if (this.field && this.list) {
                        this.rows  = $A([]);
                        this.cache = $A([]);
                        // kill normal submit of form since it's live
                        this.form = this.field.up('form');
                        this.form.observe('submit', function(e) { e.stop(); });
                        // setup observer on the search field to run the filter when typing
                        this.field.observe('keyup', this.filter.bindAsEventListener(this));
                        // run the filter initially for any text that may be in it
         * Caches inner html of children in array for later manipulation. 
        setupCache: function() {
                // loop through immediate descendents (in this case li's) and push
                // their lowercase text to the cache and the li to the rows
                this.list.immediateDescendants().each(function(child) {
                this.cache_length = this.cache.length;
         * Runs the filter that only shows the rows 
         * that have a score based on the search term.
        filter: function() {
                // if nothing is in the field show all the rows
                if (!this.field.present()) { this.rows.invoke('show'); return; }
                // get the scores and hide the low scoring items
         * Hides all the rows and shows on the ones with a score over 0
        displayResults: function(scores) {
                // hide all rows default
                // show each row that had a score
                scores.each(function(score) { this.rows[score[1]].show(); }.bind(this))
         * Get the score of each row in the cache and return sorted 
         * result set of [score, index of row in this.rows]
        getScores: function(term) {
                var scores = $A([]);
                // loop through the cache and get the score for each item 
                // appending them to the return set if they have a score
                // greater than 0; basically building an array like this:
                // [[0.69, 2], [0.33, 34], ...] where the first element is
                // the string score and the second is the index of the item
                // that scored that
                for (var i=0; i < this.cache_length; i++) {
                        var score = this.cache[i].score(term);
                        if (score > 0) { scores.push([score, i]); }
                // sort the scores descending by the algorithm score (the first element in the array)
                return scores.sort(function(a, b) { return b[0] - a[0]; });

Now all that is left is to create a new instance of this class once the dom has loaded.

document.observe('dom:loaded', function() { 
        new QuicksilverLiveSearch('q', 'posts');

As you can see, most of the heavy lifting is done by prototype and the quicksilver string ranker. All I do is build a cache of all the strings I want to search through and then show only the rows that have strings with a score greater than 0. Simple implementation with pretty cool results so I thought I would share it here.