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Oct 11 2008

Ordered List on the Road

Steve and I (mostly Steve) are going to be racking up some frequent flyer miles over the next thirty days. If you are attending any of the following events, be sure to say hi.

Web Builder, Oct 13-15, Las Vegas

The Web Builder 2.0 conference is coming up next week and Steve will be doing to presentations. The first is on how to use and extend jQuery. The second is a dueling presentation with Dan Rubin, a Sidebar cohort, on how to get designers and developers on the same page.

Future of Web Design, Nov 3-4, New York City

Steve will be presenting the exciting new capabilities of HTML 5 and CSS 3 in a three and half hour workshop. This I’m sure is a can’t miss.

RubyConf, Nov 6-8, Orlando, FL

Steve will arrive home from FOWD, tag me, and I’ll be on my way to Ruby Conf. I won’t be speaking, but I will be having fun. This will be my second ruby conf and I’m stoked.

Sidebar Workshop, Nov 12, Washingon, DC

The Sidebar crew and their diverse talents will be holding a one day workshop in our nation’s capital. They’ll cover what you’ll need to create a high quality web site from start to finish. Steve will be presenting on HTML/CSS. If you live in DC, be sure to register!

Steve and I love to socialize, so if you are attending any of these conferences/workshops, be sure to flag us down on Twitter or in the hallway.