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Apr 3 2006

Planned Parenthood

As I hinted in a previous post, life is going to be getting a lot more hectic come mid-August. By the doctors best guess, on August 8 my wife and I will become the proud parents of a baby boy. This is our first child, and therefore I am equal parts exhilarated and terrified.

I am preparing for plenty of things to change. Obviously my sleeping patterns will be tossed out the window. But more than just that, I’m preparing for a shift in life priorities.

This is one reason I gave up freelancing at the beginning of this year. I’m trying to get myself used to coming home and just ‘being at home.’ (I know my wife will tell you that I have a long way to go to figure that one out.) I’m slowly teaching myself to let work be at work. Slowly. Very very slowly. I have a strong feeling that I will not have that 100% figured out by the time August rolls around.

So I’m looking for tips. All you web folk/parents out there, give me some advice. And not your typical ‘Be prepared to wake up a lot’ advice. As an example, I’ve learned from Cody Lindley that it is possible to hold a child in your arm, balance a bottle with your chin, and use a keyboard simultaneously. These are the kind of tips I need. Practical, real-world scenarios. So teach me a thing or two. The floor is open.