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Jul 9 2004

Thanks and Response

V2.0 has received some good publicity, most recently from Matt Mullenweg. In his post, he mentioned that my “RSS and such [is] a little funky though.”

So I have taken that as a hint, and reformulated my syndication feed.

During my recent redesign, I decided to allow for a brief summary of each article instead of posting the entirety on preview pages. I have now updated my RSS feed to allow for these summaries, along with a few other tweaks. For those of you already subscribed, all the entries might look like ‘new posts’ again, so I’m sorry about that, but in the long run, I think it will be good.

Matt also mused as to why I’m not using Wordpress. I suppose my response would be that I very much respect the work and the features of Wordpress, all of which most likely surpass the methods used on this site. And it’s probably true that the way I’m going about my site (PHP, dynamic pages, URL rewriters, etc.) is very similar to the way Wordpress operates.

However, being a programmer at heart, I enjoy the satisfaction of the development process in its entirety; from concept to problem-solving to results. I’ve taken a few hints from Wordpress along the way, but my hope is that I can continue to develop a custom CMS for myself that will help grow my skills, and maybe even (eventually) inspire other ideas to be used in more well-known management systems.

So thanks for the kind words everyone. And by the way, keep an eye on this site. Some pretty neat things are just on the horizon.