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Jun 2 2004

The Familiar Chirping of Crickets

I’m pretty convinced that the internet economy must be on the upswing. How can I make this unresearched opinion? Well, two reasons, really. In a very local sense, I’m probably busier than I have ever been at work. It just seems that everybody and their brother wants a new website these days. But even more of a clue that this economic swell is not just a Northern Indiana phenomenon is the fact that my principle blog reads are posting on a semi-weekly basis.

It used to be, and not that long ago, that I could visit 4-5 sites, and read 2-3 new articles each day. Now, I go for a span of days with my FeedDemon list (of around 29 sites) blank… the familiar chirping of crickets. Nobody seems to be posting lately. Not that I blame them if the work is there, but I think it’s important to let the web community know what’s being done out there, and what to look out for. I used to look to several sites for the newest tips and tricks, but it seems these days all I’m reading about is the hassles/benefits of their own redesigns, and other relatively uninteresting things.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t post here as often as I should, I’m going to do my best to make meaningful or informative posts on a regular basis. I hope others will start to do the same.