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Nov 16 2006

Updates and More

So it’s been a while with no action around here. Plenty of other things have been keeping my attention lately, but it’s high time I got back to showing this site a little love. Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been up to in the past few months.

FeedBurner Plugin Updated to 2.2

I’ve simplified a few things, added some security features, and added a little nugget of coolness. Now, WordPress will let the feed validators at the W3C and through to see your real WordPress feed, and not be forwarded to FeedBurner for debugging purposes. A few other improvements, but they should be completely transparent. If you’re using 2.1, just copy the new file over the old one (after backing up, of course), and you should be all set. The new version is available for download on the plugin page.

A visit to FeedBurner

A while back I finally made it over to Chicago to visit the good folks at FeedBurner. They’re a fun group of people, and they were kind enough to show me and the family around their workspace. Thanks again guys, it was a good time.


The more I use the Rails framework, the more impressed I become. In keeping with this fascination, I’m working on moving this site over to Mephisto, the excellent publishing platform written in Rails by Rick Olsen and Justin Palmer. There are still little things that need improvement, but it’s definitely headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work.


Being a dad is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Many of you know the crazy ordeal we went through when our son was born 10 weeks premature. I’m happy to report that he’s made a complete recovery, and is doing just great. He’s getting close to 14 pounds now, and gets more interactive by the day. As many new fathers might agree, this has been my primary focus for the past 3 months. When you get home to your kid, writing on your website is about the last thing on your mind.

But because of the time away, I’ve got lots of ideas for posts. Look for some new stuff in the coming week.