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Sep 30 2004

Wordpress Code

I’m very much a fan of Wordpress. I’ve installed it for a number of friends and clients. But if you’re a fan of neat, clean and tidy PHP code, just don’t look under the hood. SHIVER. I understand the difficulties of working on such a complex application with multiple developers, but there’s got to be some way that these people can stick to a few simple coding standards, whatever those standards might be.

On the front side, Wordpress works phenomenally, but little things like continually switching the usage of single-to-double quotes, repetitious code, and mixtures of global and local variables makes it look like it was thrown together. I can only hope that future versions will get a code makeover in addition to any feature updates.

Update: WordPress 1.5 is out, and it’s fantastic. I have officially made the switch. I love it.