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Dec 29 2005

WP Tiger Admin 2.0

WordPress 2.0 has been officially released, and on it’s tails comes an update for WordPress Tiger Admin, the plugin that does a complete makeover on the Administrative interface.

For those who have not made the upgrade, be sure to thoroughly research before updating your WordPress installation. As always, make sure the plugins you rely on, as well as your templates, are compatible with the new version.

For those of you currently using the plugin, I hope you are enjoying, and continue to enjoy, it as you use WordPress. If you’re not, give it a shot. It installs with a plugin, so you can always deactivate it at any time.

And just a reminder, WP Tiger Admin takes advantage of the advanced capabilities of CSS2. Therefore, only browsers that support these capabilities (eg. Firefox and Safari) will display the enhanced admin. Luckily, other browsers will default back to the original admin theme, so no harm done.

Update: 2.01 has been released with a fix for the ‘gap’, a logout button, and a few other fixes.