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Oct 24 2008


Yesterday some friends from Holland, MI came down to hang out with Steve and I all day. They started a project called Yard Vote about a month ago and we decided to help them give the application some upgrades.

New Design

Steve worked out a new design for them that really features the mapping aspect and he created some killer icons. The previous version was fixed width and kind of narrow, so it was harder to see all the signs. Now with the full width map, you can really get a feel for the sign density in an area.


Email a Sign

When I started using YardVote I quickly found myself addicted, but the sign entry process from a phone was kind of slow. While Steve was working on the interface, I added the ability for Yard Vote to receive emails. In a few hours, I was able to glue together the workings to allow emailing [email protected] with the subject being the color of the signs and the body equivalent to the address. The email receiving can even update existing signs if you accidentally put in the wrong color.

It was a lot of fun to take a day off and help out our friends with their cool project. FYI: YardVote isn’t just for Michigan and Indiana either, as there are already signs marked in 26 states. Go ahead and add one yourself. Let’s see how many we can get before the election.