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Ordered List


Dec 14 2010

Welcome Brandon Keepers

We’re growing again, and thrilled to announce that Brandon is officially the fourth member of the Ordered List team.

Nov 18 2010

Welcome Jon Hoyt

It is our pleasure to introduce Jon Hoyt as the third member of Ordered List. As often as he works out of our office, some may have thought he was already working with us.

Nov 4 2010

The Work Is Never Done

Have idea. Build application. Launch application. Profit. Those are the steps, right? Maybe we could throw another step in, like Add New Feature. Yep, that is it.

Oct 25 2010

Conference Badge Design

This week Steve and I attended MongoChicago, a one day conference dedicated to MongoDB. If you are not familiar with MongoDB, it is an open source, document database and it powers Harmony. One of the things that impressed me most was the layout/design of the conference badges.

Oct 25 2010

Context and Navigation

In the beginning, we were outspoken about why we were building Harmony. I feel like our opinions driving Harmony design decisions are getting stronger, but we are sharing less. This stops now.